Why I like the Staging Diva Home Staging Business Training Program

In our post about home staging courses, I mentioned that the Staging Diva home staging business training program is the one that I would choose if I were to get started today.

Since I’ve been in the industry since it was barely even something you could consider an industry, I have seen every course and training program that’s out there right now since they were brand new. And I’ve heard feedback from other stagers and staging students over the years.

And I see who is running these schools, what the course material covers, and how well each program has positioned itself in the marketplace. After all, marketing is a huge part of starting and running a successful business.

Staging Diva Training Overview

Staging Diva has been around since 2005, which is right when I was becoming established in the field. Debra Gould started the home staging business training program after using her skills on her own profitable real estate endeavors and realized there was a growing demand for this kind of training.

I was there at the time, not alongside her of course, but as a contemporary of hers in the business and I know she’s absolutely right — there really were almost no options for training, and certainly not online training.

So here’s what I like about the program that Ms. Gould built:

  • The material comes straight from someone who has actually built a successful business of her own before becoming a trainer
  • There is no more advanced or in-depth information available, it’s truly top of the line
  • You will learn how to get clients and how much to charge
  • The marketing strategy and how-to is unsurpassed in the field — you will learn how to make good money following her plan
  • The Staging Diva program gives you a proven business formula to follow

Those are some of the highlights.

Also important is the time commitment. You can complete the program in one weekend (approximately 12 hours total). And you don’t have to get on a plane and spend a precious weekend out of town somewhere.

I think the most valuable aspect of this program is the marketing training and information about pricing your service. So let’s get into that further right now.

Is Staging Diva Worth the Money?

I answer yes to this without hesitation and here’s why. I’m not convinced that other programs will teach you how to actually make money at home staging, and that’s really the whole point. Again, this is based on bits of information and comments that I’ve heard over many years.

If you have issues with being able to charge what you’re worth, this program will help you break out of that. Especially when you’re doing something that you love doing, like home staging, you may fall into the trap of thinking that you’re lucky to be getting paid for this at all, so you accept lower fees than you should. Or you start accepting lower fees because you’re starting out and you have trouble ever reaching a more appropriate hourly rate.

And even if you’re lucky enough to not have that problem, there is still the issue of how to determine your fees. This training program will teach you how to set your fees so you can be confident that you’re earning what you’re worth. Home stagers do provide a lot of value since you’re helping sellers make thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars more on their home sale. You need to make sure you’re well-compensated for that.

So that’s why I think this program is worth it. You’ll learn how to make good money, period.

Another great thing about this course is that you won’t need to find a way to finance the purchase of rooms and rooms full of furniture and be dependent on movers, paying for a storage facility, and all of that expense and hassle.

You’ll have a business model to follow that will teach you to make money without any inventory at all. This is the strategy I have recommended to new stagers and I know that it works.

Of course you can take on inventory and go big later on if you want to. For now all you need is your cell, a camera, computer, vehicle, and a website. My understanding is that the program includes a solution for your web presence as well, so that takes something off your plate.

Click here to see the Staging Diva course offerings.

You can go with a download version or have the physical product shipped to you.