Sell your home faster & for more money with home staging!

Home Staging Consultation

We offer expert home staging consultation services online only, due to the pandemic. Get the most money out of your home when you sell by following our specific staging tips and advice that will maximize your home’s buyer appeal.

Home staging helps home sell for more, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Why not increase your home’s desirability as much as possible? It can mean the difference between a good offer, a full price offer, and a bidding war for over asking price.

Your home is one of the biggest, if not THE biggest, investment you will ever make. So when you cash out, it’s in your best interest to put yourself in the best possible position.

Our home staging consultation is designed to do just that. Without spending thousands on a full-service staging job, renting furniture etc,  you can use what you have and make your home pop! We’ll show you how.

Check out some free home staging tips right here. If you’re selling you home soon, take a look at our simple how-to info.

Homeowners can learn a lot of good staging tips that will definitely, and I do mean *definitely* help your house sell for a higher price and with a shorter amount of time on the market.

So many homeowners don’t even do a very basic home staging when they decide to sell, and then when you look at the listing photos there are robes hanging everywhere, dishes in the sink, inappropriate posters/artwork/stickers on bedroom walls and closet doors… it just makes my head spin.

They’re leaving money on the table and there’s simply no reason to do so!

If you find the thought of staging your own home to be a little overwhelming or you just don’t know where to start, our online consultation will be enormously helpful to you. We’ll ask you for photos of your home and then we’ll report back to you via email with a comprehensive list of all of the changes that we recommend.

We’ll let you know what the priorities are so you can pick and choose the changes you make, or you can be thorough and complete every one of the items on the list. Click here for more info on our online consultation.

home staging tips photoDo You Want to Become a Professional Home Stager?

If you do want to become a professional the information on this site will give you a good amount of information to get started with. Check out our guide to home staging courses and how to choose from all of the various options you have available.

You can find the right home staging course for you, and you can even get a certification in home staging. But you don’t have to – a formal education or certification is not a requirement in this field, no matter what any of the training schools tell you. Just keep that in mind. Having said that, there are some affordable courses that we recommend.

Home staging has been very good to me and I hope you benefit from home staging as well! I pretty much love talking about home staging to anyone who will listen.