Do you want to know how to stage your own home?

You can sell your house for more money with staging, so it’s worth spending a weekend making some easy improvements. You can hire a stager but you can also do it yourself. Why not learn a new skill?

home staging tipsHow to Stage a House

Let’s talk about the basic steps you will use for staging every room in your home.

Once you learn these principles you’ll simply apply them to each room; before you know it, it’ll be second nature to you and after a couple of rooms, you won’t even have to think about it.


The first thing to do is declutter.

This means everything from putting away stacks of mail to removing furniture that makes the home feel crowded.

Put all of the day to day life stuff out of sight.

Make room in closets by boxing up seasonal or infrequently used items (you’re going to be packing anyway), remove items from counters and tables to make space, get rid of any sad looking plants, tidy up pet areas, put toys in baskets or bins, and anything else you can do to help create more space and bring order to each room.


The next step is to depersonalize. This part is troubling to some homeowners because it can be sad to put away your family photos and prized mementos.

Think about this as a stage in the moving process.

When buyers view the home, it is helpful if they are able to imagine living there – they can create an emotional connection to the home more easily if they can imagine living there, but in order to do that, they can’t be distracted by your wedding photos and other sentimental items we all have on display in our homes.

When buyers can make an emotional connection, they’ll be much more likely to write you an offer.

You want buyers to be able to image a fun, happy life in a home where their family can thrive. So go ahead and remove anything that might suggest otherwise.

Even the books on the shelves can give subtle hints that this is not a place to thrive, so go over things carefully and make sure there are no signs of trouble, neglect, etc. Yes, the subtle things do matter.

Clean & Brighten

This is a good time to do a thorough cleaning. Again, we are trying to project a happy, beautiful life and when everything is super clean and shiny, the house just feels happier. And it looks better. It’s also good for sending the message that things are maintained.

Buyers like to see light, bright, airy spaces. Let in as much light as you can.

One trick I really like is to go outside and see if there are trees or hedges that might be a little overgrown that are blocking the windows.

If so, go ahead and trim them so we can get as much light into those windows as possible. Yes it might be a little thing but they do add up and that is part of the magic of staging.

Once we’ve decluttered, organized, depersonalized, scrubbed, and let in all the light, you can move on to some decorating.

Add Color

You may want to purchase some new items like throw pillows, a new throw rug for the kitchen and/or bathroom, a new door mat, nice big scented candles, new kitchen towel, and maybe some new bath towels.

It can be nice to have nice fresh updated items in each room, and I like adding a splash of color to liven up each room. I like fresh flowers in one or two rooms for photo day and showings.

Home staging is about the little details adding up to create a total package that will make buyers swoon.