How To Stage A Bedroom

The number of bedrooms in a home is one of the most important criteria for buyers. When an agent asks what a client wants in a home, the number of bedrooms is one of the first things out of a buyer’s mouth. So let’s talk about how to stage a bedroom.

First, let me just get this part out of the way since you may not like it if you’re staging your own home. If you have a bedroom that you are using as a catch-all guest room/craft room/office/laundry folding area, we will need to turn this room back into a bedroom. That means that for staging purposes you will have to find a way to remove the miscellaneous stuff that’s in there and make it look like a comfortable, cozy bedroom again.

Buyers want to see bedrooms. Bedrooms sell houses.

How to Stage a Bedroom

OK let’s get started. The first step is to declutter. Assuming you have bedrooms that are all ready to go as bedrooms at this point, let’s get some of the extra stuff out of there so the room looks as spacious as possible. If there is too much furniture and the room feels crowded, remove something. If there’s an ironing board that seems to have found a permanent home there, remove it.

You’ll also declutter dresser tops and nightstands, leaving only the basics like lamps and an alarm clock.

staging bedrooms

(By the way, I’m not going to suggest that you paint the room, we can probably get by without doing that – unless the room is painted black, neon green, or any other color that may be a little much for buyers’ poor eyes.)

Make sure there are no robes etc. hanging on door hooks, no dirty laundry hiding under the bed, and no personal items on tables or dressers such as grooming supplies, medical or health-related stuff, or anything else that you wouldn’t see in a home decor catalog photo.

Depersonalize the room now. This means take away family photos, religious items, books about personal subjects, collections of porcelain figurines etc., artwork that is not a landscape or a tasteful abstract work, anything on display on the walls with names or initials, and any other item that is not generic-looking like something you would see in a Pottery Barn catalog.

The reason we have to depersonalize is simply so that it’s easier for buyers to imagine that being their own bedroom, or their child’s room. If it is emblazoned with the current homeowner’s personality it is more difficult for a buyer to mentally “move in” to the home. And we want them to mentally move in – that’s when they start making offers. If your bedroom wall has wall art that says your names or initials, it would be better to remove it at this point. It seems sad, I know, but it’s in your best interest as a seller. I know I am putting a lot of emphasis on the whole names thing but it’s a very important part of this process.

Moving on…

Let’s look at the bedding next. Find your most tasteful (non-taste specific… almost generic, but attractive!) quilt, blanket, or comforter and make the bed up as pretty as you can. Neat, smooth, and sumptuous. You can get away with throw pillows that are a little jazzy looking but try to make the overall feeling very comfortable and peaceful.

For the dresser and/or nightstands, let’s add some color and life to the place with a small bunch of flowers, a pretty scented candle, or a stack of a couple of nice hardback books (something classic). By the way, it goes without saying but do make sure your valuables are securely put away for showings! Agents aren’t always in the same room when buyers are viewing homes and you just never know.

If you want to get fancy, you can add a pretty breakfast tray sitting on the bed with a teapot and tea cup arrangement. It may sound a little over the top, but little touches like this get your buyer actively thinking about how nice life would be in this particular home. We want them to engage with the rooms, imagine their day-to-day activities, notice how nice the sunlight looks as it streams into the bedroom windows and how relaxing it would be to linger in bed on a weekend morning and drink that cup of tea… These are the thoughts that will help you sell your home.

Once you have used some home staging psychology and you have the aesthetics all dialed, bed linens perfect, pillows arranged just so… your bedroom is staged!

Note: You don’t have to buy items for staging a home if you’re trying to keep costs down, but it can be nice to spring for a few updated accessories like throw pillows for a nice fresh look.

I hope this helps you sell your home for more money 🙂