Staging bathrooms is not the most exciting part of the home staging process, but bathrooms make a big difference and staging them is quite easy. The main thing to remember is to create space, declutter, and depersonalize.

How To Stage A Bathroom

staging a bathroomAs with other rooms in the home, the first thing you will need to do is declutter. This means remove baskets of bath toys, robes hanging on door hooks, hairdryers and grooming items, shampoos and loofahs, basically everything needs to be put away in cabinets or otherwise out of site.

I know this sounds inconvenient if you are living in the home while it’s on the market, but believe me it will be worth it. Just get in the habit of keeping things in cabinets for a while.

People do not want to see your toothbrushes and other stuff. And the more items you put away, the more you can create a spacious-feeling spa like atmosphere. If you’re every watched House Hunters then you know – people are really into the spa feeling in bathrooms.

Depersonalizing is always one of the first steps in staging any room. It has to do with aesthetics (less clutter) but it’s also about home staging psychology. The less the home looks lived in by you and your family, the more a buyer can imagine herself and her family living there. I hope that makes sense 🙂

Once you have stripped the bathroom of most of the stuff, give it a good clean. Use a cleaning spray with bleach on grout if necessary and make everything shine, including faucets and mirrors.

If the shower curtain has seen better days, you might want to replace it. A new shower curtain can make a huge difference and they aren’t very expensive, especially considering the impact they have. My go-to shower curtain for a long time was the zinnia design made by Garnet Hill, but they are no longer available. I like adding color, especially if the bathroom is otherwise on the bland side. (Here’s an option, and another.) Try to pick something that is stylish but not too taste-specific.

Scented candles are a good way to add a pop of color. I’ve seen some incredibly beautifully staged bathrooms that feature orchids, which is nice if you can keep them alive. (I can’t.)

You may have seen the classic rolled-up towels in staged bathrooms, and those do look nice if you roll and arrange them neatly. If you don’t have a knack for that kind of thing, just put some pretty new towels in an appropriate color on the towel rack very neatly. As I said earlier, I’m a fan of adding a nice pop of color, especially if the bathroom is a little dated or just kind of bland. You can add color to take the focus off of the fact that the finishes are not quite ideal. It can still be a very pretty space!

If the bathroom is small or a little on the dark side, you might want to add a decorative hanging mirror on one wall to help the room feel more open.

And now you have a staged bathroom!