5 Best Home Staging Tips To Stage Your Own House

Staging by Real Estaging

When getting your home ready to sell, there are plenty of home staging tips and tricks you can use to sell your house in a shorter amount of time.

You can spend a couple of weekends doing these easy little projects, and the rewards will be great when you’re able to sell for thousands more.

Here are some of my easiest home staging tips to help you stage your own house.

Curb Appeal

Focus on curb appeal to get buyers to stop and look — you don’t want your house to be a drive-by!

Tidy up the yard, make sure the grass in nice and green and neatly mowed, and add some seasonal bedding plants in beds or pots by the entryway.

Get a nice new doormat with an updated, colorful design.

Clean up the porch or entry, polish up the house numbers, re-paint the front door if it needs it.


Put away the day-to-day life stuff that gets in the way of showing off your house. Mail, leashes, shoes by the door, coasts and hats, and anything that tends to accumulate on tables and kitchen counters.

Next, take away any excess furniture that gives you home a crowded feel or an awkward traffic pattern. Sometimes we get used to having to walk around dad’s favorite chair, but would the space be improved without it?

Make space in closets and cabinets, too, since buyers will open doors to check out the storage situation. You can pack away seasonal items or pare down your wardrobe while the home is listed.

Closet space matters, so it you show the home with a stuffed closet buyers will assume the space is just not big enough, and it may become a deal-breaker.


Give the house a good thorough cleaning. Everything from baseboards to crown moulding, windows, floors, and all surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms. Everything should be bright and sparkly.

Freshly-cleaned homes feel great to walk into and they also make your home look its best.


This part is a little sad for many sellers, but trust me it’s for the best.

You have to put away all of the personal touches like family photos, mementos, doll collections, monogrammed items, and anything else that gives your home a personal look — you want it to look comfortable and appealing, and like people enjoy living here, but you don’t want it to look like *specific* people live here.

Does that make sense? It needs to look happy and beautiful but generic at the same time. That way it’s easier for buyers to imagine living there. Here’s an example.

A couple with a one-year-old daughter is looking for a place to raise their new family. When they look at the bedrooms, it’s harder to picture their life their when there are pictures of other kids, names of other kids, and a master bedroom that says someone else’s initials on the walls.

Yes, people can work around all that in their minds, but why not make it easier for them to get attached by giving them more of a blank canvas?


The fun part. Don’t go crazy here, just add some nice little touches and splashes of color to liven up the room. Flowers, bowls of fruit, candles, healthy-looking plants, pretty throw pillows, and decorative mirrors all work well here.

Use these tips and see your home attract lots of buyer attention!